Influence Consumers by Understanding Them

Retailers have to compete like never before in a completely changed market landscape. To reach modern digital consumers, they have to understand the habits, preferences, and buying power of their target base. Turning this goldmine of marketing data into profitable practices gives smart retailers an edge over their competition by staying ahead of the game.

Modern Retailer Challenges

Mobile. Consumers research, compare, buy, and share their retail experience via their mobile devices. Retailers must harness the mobile power to personalize each shopper’s experience by marrying convenience with incentive.

Loyalty. Competition is fierce in the retail space. To grow market share, retailers must speak to their consumers on a personal level that resonates and fosters trust.

Up-Selling. Actively suggesting complementary products/services to increase average revenues.

In-Store Digital Experience. Marketing to consumers through digital/interactive signage, intuitive kiosks, and mobile-enabled strategies.

eCommerce Integration. Harmonizing the hands on, in-store experience with eCommerce platforms that match brand, service, and quality assurance.

Competition. Analyzing existing processes to make business leaner, more competitive, and adaptable to changing variables.

Cost containment. Identify inefficiencies that hamper productivity and implement new processes to save resources.


"Strike while the iron is hot," as they say. Retailers that can use 21st century tools to engage their customers for an up-close-and-personal shopping experience will capture more of their impulse buying dollars. Using beacons, geofences, crowd analytics, social aggregate data and shopping profiles, you can reach your customers right where they are, and give them more of the offers they really want. Buying decisions are made second to second, and now we have the technology to grab consumer attention and increase revenue opportunities. Real time offer management allows retailers to keep their fingers on the pulse of their customers' buying decisions, as they happen.


Whether selling online or offline, the more you know about your customers, the better you can tailor their entire shopping experience. Armed with Ascendum’s proprietary IP omni channel solutions, retailers have an overall data and technical edge over their competition for a completely integrated consumer experience. With an omni-channel approach, there is no siloed strategy for marketing to your best customers. Leveraging a state of the art Internet of Things (IoT) toolset, Ascendum has the expertise to set your business apart and capture more revenue from customers ready and willing to buy.


Ascendum can design versatile ecommerce websites on a Magento platform, and include various in-house developed solutions that ensure optimal site performance, flexible order editing, stored payment information, and fraud deterrent systems.


In a new age of technology, marketing opportunities abound. At Ascendum, we believe in the power of "devices to decisions". We enable retailers to use cutting-edge technology available through sensors and devices that are proximity driven, such as Bluetooth, Low Energy (BLE) beacons and geofences. Give your customers more of what they want when they are already purchasing goods and services, and watch the incremental revenue rise. It’s the next generation of opt-in marketing that’s opportunity-ripe and still non-invasive.


Successful retailers know the importance of tight inventory process management and control. Ascendum’s unique set of supply chain and procurement IP solutions solves the dilemma of fragmented processes and inefficiencies created thereof without huge custom developer costs. Our procurement and supply chain expertise streamlines your whole system to keep your organization lean, transparent, and profitable.


Maximizing retail floor space and ensuring compliance helps retailers contain costs and optimize shopper in store experiences, resulting in overall higher revenue. Ascendum can help retailers intelligently use resources and communicate clearly to maintain high standards of merchandising excellence. Store personnel, those in the field, vendors, and corporate can all benefit from ideal use of digitized planograms, collaboration systems, and accountability tools.