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  • Mainframe Automation for a Leading Insurance Company Mainframe Automation for
    Leading Insurance Company

    Build, Test and Deploy through Mainframe QA Automation

    Our client is a leading insurance company in the mid-west. A key issue they were facing was aligning the sprint cycle with mainframe dependent functionality (and it was a lot of it). The teams were not able to keep up as the mainframe testing was all manual. …

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  • Quality Assurance Testing for Mortgage Lender QA Testing for
    Mortgage Lender

    Reduce rework, increase productivity, shorten SDLC...

    A leading direct to consumer lender with several initiatives underway including new sales channels, acquisitions and ongoing upgrades and enhancements. The company needed a partner to ensure that IT was able to meet deadlines for these initiatives while keeping costs under control and reducing software rework……

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  • Mobile Application for Claims Submission Mobile Application
    for Claims Submission

    Submit claims fast and easy...

    Submit claims easily from your cellphone. A leading P&C Claims Technology company developed a white labelled mobile app for faster claims submission. The application helps with faster submission of claims across leading mobile platforms. Due to the diversity in platform versions and devices the company needed a partner to ensure system stability and extensive platform testing……

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  • Counts in the Cloud Counts
    in the Cloud

    Integration Ready Platform For Parking Data

    Data collected with the current application is not accessible to other 3rd party application and remains locked. Build a technologically enhanced platform to enable application developers, auto manufacturers, in-vehicle navigation systems and technology partners, real-time access to parking data for there next generation parking lot availability, pricing, remote way-finding and other application solutions….

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  • Handheld tool for Field Services Handheld tool
    for Field Services

    Field Services Productivity Enhancement

    A Fortune 100 beverage company was looking for better way to manage the product information in their vending machines. They also needed to integrate with a 3rd party dynamic scheduling system to deliver better efficiency in supply chain. Ascendum partnered with the OEM solution provider to build a solution….

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  • Smarter Vending Machines Smarter
    Vending Machines

    Drive Loyalty One Vend at a Time

    Large brands are looking at social platforms to build one on one relationships with their customers. A vending machine is a great interactive opportunity for brands to connect with clients and use the interaction to foster a relationship. Vending machines also are changing in terms of the capability they offer to channel marketing and targeting….

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  • M2M Product Engineering M2M Product

    Regression Testing Delivers Better M2M Communication

    Our client is a market leader in Machine 2 Machine solutions. They work with industry leaders in verticals like Vending, Gaming, Transportation and Retail. The client has been recognized as a leader in their product lines. Ascendum has been working with the customer to develop the next generation solutions that help the transition to a cashless technology including credit cards, NFC and other forms of payment. Ascendum is the Product Engineering Partner and also works with the Professional Services team for end user customization and integration….

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  • Parking Violation Enforcement Parking
    Violation Enforcement

    Smart Enforcement Delivers Higher Revenue

    Our client works with large municipalities, enforcement agencies and cities to deliver better revenue capture solutions. One of the areas where they looked for a specialist partner was their mobile hand held solution. This solution was developed nearly 10 years back on a windows platform. The solution was robust and worked flawlessly. However it was falling short in terms of the user experience and ability to leverage the latest innovations in mobile technologies. Ascendum was contracted to provide an architecture and development solution for an end to end technology refresh….

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  • Garage Master Data Management Garage
    Master Data Management

    Facility Management - Higher Revenue & Utilization

    Large facility operators are looking for a software platform that can integrate with multiple OEM providers. This will help them manage their operations, generate actionable analytics and reduce the overhead. Operators are also looking at options to increase revenue capture and drive loyalty. In locations like universities and corporate campuses, there is also a need to policy management and enforcement. Our client worked with us in developing a new platform that helps operators achieve this capability….

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  • Smart Parking with Sensors Smart
    Parking with Sensors

    Leader In Urban Mobility – Easier Parking, Increased Commerce

    Mall Businesses are leveraging social media to acquire new customers and build loyalty. They are leveraging tools like Groupon, Yelp and Local Response to enable local discovery. The critical element driving footfall in dense downtown areas is the availability of parking places. If the customer can easily locate the availability of parking in vicinity it improves the chances of doing business with the store. In fact en estimated 30% of motorists driving around in search of a parking space at any one time. Officials with the IR office identified 14 Key Performance Metrics they wished to monitor to prove the feasibility and effectiveness of a dashboard solution for Business Intelligence delivery to the Executive Board….

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  • Xavier University Xavier

    Bringing business analytics to academia – and increasing efficiency through measurement.

    Xavier University, a premier higher education institution, sought to use SharePoint 2010 and dashboards that could be integrated with the individual sites. The goals were to: improve communications and efficiency; speed the access to information: share documents and other analytic information; and create an easy to use web-based interface. Xavier’s Office of Strategic Information Resources (IR) manages the information technology infrastructure for XU and is the key stakeholder of institutional data. Officials with the IR office identified 14 Key Performance Metrics they wished to monitor to prove the feasibility and effectiveness of a dashboard solution for Business Intelligence delivery to the Executive Board….

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  • DNA Diagnostics DNA

    Streamlining Business Through Rapid Process Assessment And Custom-Designed Systems

    As the largest and most experienced private DNA laboratories in the world, DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) provides DNA testing services in the areas of paternity and other family relationships, forensics, and genetics. Its subsidiary, Veterinary Diagnostics Center, has provided DNA testing for animals (canine, feline, avian, and equine) since 2003. The company processes approximately 1,500-2,000 samples per month, using a system that encompasses mostly manual processes and uses outdated technology. Only a few employees in the company have a complete understanding of the current system and process it follows, which adds to the risk of error while processing samples and reporting results….

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  • Realtime Offer and Analytics Deployment Solution Realtime Offer and Analytics
    Deployment Solution

    The Future of Retail is Here and Now

    With the variety of different types of devices and technologies customers support, the way they interact with their environment is changing fast. Many things are getting automated and realtime information is available effortlessly at a click of a mouse. This phenomenal change in landscape is challenging companies to reach out to their customers in a innovative and a differentiated manner. Organizations need to go beyond their traditional comfort zones to engage and retain their customer base….

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  • Mobile Solutions for Retail Industry Mobile Solutions
    for Retail Industry

    Developing Latest Mobile Devices Software For Retail Industry

    Our customer is market leader in Germany’s retail food sector and are considered to be the thought leaders in developing and deploying innovative mobile solution to retail and transport industry. With the recent fast paced changes in mobile domain wherein both the devices and the software that resides in those devices underwent a sea change, our Customer was looking at a reliable partner that can help incorporate newer technologies into their next-gen products and solutions….

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  • Stop Running Reports. Start Analyzing Crime. Stop Running Reports.
    Start Analyzing Crime

    Best Practices For Crime Prevention

    Vast amounts of crime data capable of generating valuable insights into crime prevention remains locked and unused inside agency systems. There is an opportunity to help prevent, reduce and solve crime by effectively using available crime data….

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  • Next Generation. Extensible And Truly Global Platform. Next Generation. Extensible
    and Truly Global Platform

    Globally Accessible and Easy to Maintain

    The current desktop based systems was built using technology which was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, used tightly coupled component architecture which requires huge amounts of FDA re-validation effort in case of enhancements to the system and does not support globally distributed studies….

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  • US Residential Mortgage Services US Residential
    Mortgage Services

    Process Streamlining and Efficiency Enhancement

    One of the largest direct to consumer lenders in the US with retail and wholesale operations was experiencing processing delays due to submission errors and omissions leading to longer processing times. Effective Quality Control Mechanism. : Ascendum’s file intake audit solutions resulted in improving the quality of loans to greater than 98% and reduced the average time of loans to get to processed from file intake to 5 days from 11 days….

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  • Medical Billing Services Medical
    Billing Services

    A Leading Medical Billing Company

    Our customer is a well-known medical billing organization that wanted to outsource charge entry. The task was to manage patient’s charge entry. Our customer was concerned about the quality of services from an offshore center. To ensure a smooth transition to an offshored center with the least amount of disruption to business. To bring down the error rate along with it maintaining productivity. To train our team on using software and methodology used by the customer….

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  • US Residential Mortgage Services US Residential
    Mortgage Services

    Productivity Enhancement

    A leading US Residential lender with retail, wholesale and correspondent divisions lost 7-8% of profit on secondary condition fees & interest, with 1 deficient loan in every 5 loans sold to the investor….

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  • Virtual Assistance Services Virtual
    Assistance Services

    Leading Virtual Assistance Company based out of New Jersey

    Handling the operations and support from US would not be cost efficient based on the fee charged for this service. Client was unable to concentrate upon Marketing and other activities that needed his attention….

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  • Title Processing Services Title
    Processing Services

    Cost Savings and Ability to Manage Volume Volatility

    Client was facing a number of challenges in processing the preliminary commitment at their end. The company was working in 50 states and it was getting increasingly difficult for them to handle the volume volatility while also ensuring quality & timeliness of delivery…

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