Keeping Healthcare Organizations…Healthy.

Without a doubt, healthcare is one industry that has seen monumental change in the last decade from both a technological and legislative standpoint. Federal laws such as HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act continue to have impact and force healthcare providers to comply with the changing tides, or sink under the waves. Striving to meet regulatory compliance, increase positive patient outcomes, and streamline processes are all key to a thriving healthcare enterprise.

Challenges for Healthcare Companies

Rigid and complex regulation compliance (HIPAA and ACA). Meeting required mandates is critical to the success of the institution.

Ability to keep up with rapidly evolving technology. If incorrectly implemented, EMR’s and the effective use of mobile technology can be cumbersome in adoption and usage.

Data Analysis, Siloes, and Integration. Understanding and organizing aggregate data can only be leveraged when applied with the right expertise.

Process Inefficiencies. Unnecessary steps stall productivity and hinder service quality.

IT Infrastructure Management. More healthcare organizations are outsourcing their IT needs to focus on patient care, unyoked by the need for in-house IT staff and resources.

Billing and Payment Processing. Organizational viability is dependent on timely invoicing and bill payment.


Improve health provider’s core focus by managing IT systems with hosting and monitoring capabilities.


Reduce waste by streamlining processes and grasping technology advances with EMR, mobile, and the cloud.