Organizations that utilize on-demand services can leverage the rich experience of Ascendum’s global talent pool without being taxed with skyrocketing costs. Have Ascendum deliver the services that you need, without any unnecessary extra layers of people or resources.

Your business becomes our business, built on efficiency, expertise, and careful management of assets.


The Right Talent at the Right Time

Building Talent in a Smart, Cost-effective and Strategic manner (an optimum combination of employees, consultants and offshore resources) is becoming increasingly critical for those who are competing in a global economy. Ascendum’s Strategic Talent Building Solutions enables an IT organization to employ/deploy quality IT resources quickly (at the speed your business/customers’ demands) at low effective (blended) rates. Our objective is to help our clients keep their competitive advantage. Ascendum’s Strategic Talent Building Solutions include:

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Global Development Center (GDC)
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
  • Interim Sourcing
  • Outsource Specific IT Functions

Ascendum has been providing quality IT talent to some of the largest (including Fortune 1000) clients, for over 25 years, with an impeccable track record of quality and service.

The new Ascendum, with multiple global entities integrated, provides access to a global talent pool. Depending on what is needed (skill set, type of project, budget and urgency), we offer an individual or a team of resources onshore, a team of resources offshore or a blended onshore/offshore team. Whether it is a complex IT project (or simple non-strategic function), we enable our clients to focus on delivering the value required by their business.

Ascendum’s Strategic Talent Building Solutions give you unrestricted access to qualified, talented professionals from any IT discipline representing a wide range of skill sets.

Hard-to-Find Skillsets and Leadership - Solved

Ascendum’s Strategic Staffing Solutions can help with these challenges:

  • Can’t find qualified resources with a particular skill-set as and when needed
  • Delivering IT related projects with tight budgets
  • Need to implement a global development model to reduce IT spend or increase the speed of delivery
  • Need to retain a portion of IT staff that will eventually be displaced
  • Need a resource to lead IT
  • Need to have a third party organization take over a specific IT function

Grow Your Organization, Not Your Costs

Ascendum Strategic Talent Building Solutions allow an organization to maintain control over their IT projects, reduce overall IT costs when utilizing a global development model on an ongoing basis, shrink the total quantitative and qualitative costs of hiring permanent staff, minimize time to market for new IT related solutions, jumpstart their projects utilizing Ascendum Intellectual Property (IP), and can help an organization realize their project goals and objectives by addressing skill deficiencies.

Unparalleled Expertise

Ascendum’s seasoned and certified consultants maintain full life cycle experience on a broad set of enterprise platforms, applications, technologies and techniques to facilitate a minimal learning curve and deliver much quicker return on investment.


A Dedicated Team of Experts

With over 1,600 people worldwide, Ascendum offers unique global talent sourcing advantages such as reduced cost, increased speed of development (time to market) and increased quality. These Global Development offerings can be used on a time and material basis (on an as-needed basis based on specific talent required) or as a more strategic, long term, Global Development Center (GDC).

Essentially a GDC is like having your own development center with dedicated resources working at various Ascendum locations (worldwide) and performing work as directed. This can be a cost-plus model with complete transparency depending on the number of resources and the duration of your commitment.

Unlike many firms (who partner/subcontract with offshore development companies and have very little control over quality), Ascendum owns and operates a large Global Development Center (GDC) in Bangalore and Ahmadabad, India, ensuring we have total control over your resources and the management of those resources to meet your objectives.

Quality Talent at Cost Effective Rates

  • World class talent at a low cost
  • 24 x 7 continuous development cycles
  • Enhanced project ROI

Global Resources Right Where You Need Them

Ascendum's Global Staffing services offer your business access to resources around the world. If you are looking for around-the-clock development cycles, lower project or IT costs, or simply some of the best people, an Ascendum GDC delivers value.

Our GDC offering provides clients all the benefits of having their own development center without the burden of governmental, legal, and financial integration of the foreign-entity. GDC customers also have an option to convert the GDC into a Joint Venture (JV) if and when it makes sense. This model is ideal for customers who require immediate scale, and want to start realizing significant cost savings but value consistency and your own cultural beliefs implanted into the members of the GDC.


Collaboration Without Limits

Ascendum's dedicated Web practice specializes in Microsoft SharePoint and Web 2.0 technologies. Our SharePoint Center of Excellence helps market leaders in a variety of industries implement solutions to optimally collaborate and share information with customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.

Whether integrating with a mainframe, implementing a Business Intelligence dashboard, or writing a custom web service, a unified interface to corporate information is attainable. Our deep knowledge of a broad set of enterprise platforms, applications, and techniques facilitates the speedy achievement of SharePoint as a true portal solution.

Combined with a strong partnership with Microsoft and unrivaled experience, Ascendum is the market leader in the development and deployment of SharePoint solutions. Some of our unique capabilities include:

  • Strong experience with the latest release of SharePoint tools
    • Successful delivery of 15+, full lifecycle engagements, leveraging the latest 2007 SharePoint tools
    • Deep, cross functional experience leveraging SharePoint at midsized to Fortune 1000 clients
    • Demonstrated success with several market leading clients building mission critical, customer facing applications on SharePoint technologies
  • Full lifecycle experience and end-to-end SharePoint solutions that include acquisition, installation, architecture, design, development, deployment, hosting, support, and training
  • Robust library of pre-built, SharePoint accelerators can be applied to many client engagements, reducing development costs and dramatically reducing time-to-market
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with direct access to SharePoint leaders at Microsoft
  • Rapid development of SharePoint based applications with the followingcapabilities:
    • Complex processes and workflow
    • Integration with other enterprise applications and data
    • Dynamic office document creation and collaboration
  • Large pool of trained onshore and offshore resources

Leading the Way in Deploying SharePoint Solutions

Ascendum's SharePoint Center of Excellence is designed to address emerging client challenges:

  • Lack of skilled resources with the bleeding-edge SharePoint technologies
  • Need help in analysis and development of an enduring strategy and use of best practices
  • Relative ease of use and accessibility of SharePoint demands appropriate governance and administration practices to ensure ongoing returns and usability
  • Speeding deployment of SharePoint solutions without compromising quality
  • Need experts to mentor and train internal resources on an on-going basis

Scalable Value

Ascendum's flexible customer centric delivery model applies the optimal resource(s) to each unique challenge. Our team members (worldwide) work together in a collaborative environment and leverage their collective skills and experience to benefit each client engagement. Composite solutions are crafted to optimize and speed the client's return on investment, mitigate risks, and establish best practices to ensure that solutions are scalable and well governed.

SharePoint Expertise - Bar None

The seasoned and certified members of this practice maintain full lifecycle experience deploying SharePoint solutions including acquisition, installation, architecture, design, development, deployment, hosting, support and knowledge transfer.


Superlative Customer Care to Grow Your Business

Ascendum KPS's Inbound Customer Care offering can help you with challenges like these:

  • Cost-effective staffing solutions to provide 24x7 support
  • Effective customer account management
  • Fast and efficient communication and account update
  • Specialized customer grievance resolution process
  • Descriptive market knowledge and feedback provided

Outbound Sales Teams Skilled in Lead Generation

  • More effective prospecting
  • Greatly improved lead generation effectiveness
  • Reduce/cut costs
  • Carry out marketing programs at a lower cost
  • Increase customer base

A Team of Expert Business Builders

A collaborative solution can help the company retain its customer base efficiently as well as design effective customer acquisition strategies based on the feedback provided to them. Ascendum KPS acts as a catalyst in reducing the cost and increases the profitability of organizations.

State of the Art Thinking

Ascendum KPS's experienced and trained account managers provide a complete range of services starting from understanding the scope-of-work to transition, deployment, operating, analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing. Our sales model is built on a strong commitment to client delight and quality, reinforced by a high level of management oversight.