Knowledge Processing Services

Customer Care To Grow Business

Ascendum KPS’s Inbound Customer Care offering can help you with challenges like these:

  • Cost-effective staffing solutions to provide 24×7 support
  • Effective customer account management
  • Fast and efficient communication and account update
  • Specialized customer grievance resolution process
  • Descriptive market knowledge and feedback provided

A Team of Expert Business Builders

A collaborative solution can help the company retain its customer base efficiently as well as design effective customer acquisition strategies based on the feedback provided to them. Ascendum KPS acts as a catalyst in reducing the cost and increases the profitability of organizations.

State of the Art Thinking

Ascendum KPS’s experienced and trained account managers provide a complete range of services starting from understanding the scope-of-work to transition, deployment, operating, analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing. Our sales model is built on a strong commitment to client delight and quality, reinforced by a high level of management oversight.

Lead Generation Sales Teams

  • More effective prospecting
  • Greatly improved lead generation effectiveness
  • Reduce/cut costs
  • Carry out marketing programs at a lower cost
  • Increase customer base