The power of information in the palm of your hand

You can do it all with Zakta, the Social Intelligence Platform.

Zakta combines the power of the web, social media, content, curation, and collaboration tools, and organizational architecture to help make sense of it all.

With Zakta Zapps, you can choose specific solutions for addressing these informational sourcing & sorting challenges:

  • Zakta Marketing: Accelerate your online and social media research
  • Research: Boost your research prowess and productivity
  • Magnify: Enterprise solution for search & social intelligence gathering
  • Learn: Elearning turned social for group learning and collaboration
  • Guides: Social curation app that helps you share your knowledge
  • Search Team: The first collaborative search engine

It’s a daunting task to become a lean organization when you don’t even realize where your weaknesses reside.

That’s where Bluespring comes in.

Bluespring's business transformation software shows you exactly where gaps exist within your company's structure - and helps you devise action plans to address them. Sitting atop your existing Microsoft Visio platform, LeanView, ProcessView, and BPM Suite have the capabilities to help eliminate waste, maximize resources, and collaborate across teams like never before.

  • Visual Search for SharePoint: Drive productivity, end user satisfaction and collaboration with visual search results
  • LeanView: Visualize, assess, and develop actionable plans to implement lean principles
  • ProcessView: Draw, configure, simulate, analyze, and empower your business’ ideal processes
  • BPM Suite: Business automation toolset that evaluates processes across your organization

Influencing shoppers means reaching them right when they want to buy.

The Internet of Things digital revolution, using smart phones, sensors, and other devices, allows retailers to pinpoint the exact optimal time to make real-time offers to an eager consumer. This unprecedented marketing power means more money is left off the table and spent – online and in stores. OpenCommerce’s retailing solutions include the ROADS platform that embeds our technology into mobile apps and kiosks that can generate real-time offers when consumers are ready to buy.

With ROADS, retailers have the full digital picture of who their customers are:

  • Real-time offers: Made with IoT technology such as geofences and beacons, mobile apps and interactive kiosks
  • In-Venue: Learn more about your customers while they are actually in your store through smart retailing solutions
  • Social: Drill down on your customer’s buying habits, likes and dislikes with information gathered from their social graph
  • Mobile: Reach your customers with appealing offers on their best friend – their mobile device
  • Kiosk: Create personalized, digital shopping experiences that are irresistible to your brand's loyal followers