Devices to decisions – turning data into actionable insight

The blinding speed of technology carries with it both opportunity and tremendous risk. For software development companies and tech start-ups, capitalizing on emerging technologies, consumer trends, and producing product at a rate that makes it all worthwhile can be daunting.

Challenges for Hi-Tech Businesses

Tight Budgets. Whether a start-up or well-established, tech companies are not usually flushed with cash to spend when developing their latest product.

Fierce competition. Changing variables make the tech sector one of the most competitive in the global marketplace.

Rapidly evolving technology. Obsolescence can be a real concern when product development is stalled.

Time-to-market. Lack of funding, quality assurance and vetting processes can slow or stop a product’s debut, cutting profits and delaying real market proving ground.

Leveraging next gen tools for DevOps. Company teams may be limited in skill sets and scope to access or use the latest tools for development.

Transforming existing portfolio by cloud and mobile. Portability and virtualization via the cloud is what every company needs. Getting there is easier said than done.

Ascendum Hi-Tech Innovation – Speed without Sacrifice

Ascendum's creative engagement models and cost defrayment initiatives at inception allow for true innovation and strengthen hi-tech companies' viability as well as their product lines. For start-ups rich in talent and vision yet thin on resources, Ascendum can provide flexible support and solutions no other partner can match.


Rapid urbanization across the globe is completely changing the landscape of our cities and is leading to huge pressures on city infrastructure. There is an urgent need to leverage newer technologies to improve the quality of life and make cities greener. New age cities have to learn how to use their resources efficiently and become environment friendly.

Ascendum helps companies that are building new age urban mobility solutions. We partner with top-notch smart and intelligent parking solutions companies and help them incorporate latest technology into their products and thereby redefining Urban Mobility.


Mobility has been the single biggest factor that has redefined the way enterprises do business and interact with their customers. With the proliferation of mobile devices in our everyday lives, enterprises are gearing up to face this challenge and deploy enterprise wide mobility solutions and mobile applications that help them run their businesses smartly.

Ascendum has been in the forefront of developing and deploying mobility solutions. We help streamlining smart mobile devices to improve processes and communications to maintain organizational vitality. Our expertise spans across Andriod, iOS, Windows based solutions.


Traditional wallets are changing and so are the traditional ways of making a payments. If you happen to look into anyone’s wallet today, you will find more cards than cash. New technologies are instrumental in this change as they are throwing up newer opportunities to do business, make payments with newer form of currency.

At Ascendum, we are working with market leaders in unattended payment systems and are helping them to create products and systems that allow for consumers to autonomously partake of goods and services without additional human resources.


Intelligent devices in a connected world create the need for new solutions in the ability to gather, analyze and distribute data for speedy decision making and proactive business strategies. The Internet of things (IoT) is fast driving the next level of transition. Smart devices and smart enterprises are generating innumerable instances of big data. This data needs to be extracted, analyzed and presented to decision makers to help them run businesses better.

At Ascendum, we leverage our expertise in embedded technology, mobility and application development to deliver solutions that enable “Data to Decisions”.