Our culture is built on five deeply rooted, core values. These values define who we are, how we operate every day, what type of employees we look for, and what our clients can expect from us.

Character – We practice the highest level of ethics and integrity in everything we do; treating people better than how they want to be treated.

Commitment – We commit to diligent work and delivering the best possible quality – internally and externally.

Competence – We work smart and use excellent judgment while building creative and simple solutions to complex problems.

Courage – We make the best decision possible, but always have the courage to take full accountability for our actions.

Community – Always think win-win-win (customers-employees-shareholders)…as a team so we can truly Rise Together!

There are five tenets also core to the Ascendum brand that drive our behavior and attitude:

Creativity with discipline. Thinking outside the box has its benefits for coming up with fresh, new ideas, but sometimes novelty comes at a price. We believe true creativity comes from limits, not freedom, and pride ourselves on being resourceful.

Quality with speed. A great idea that takes four weeks to gel is worth nothing if your window of opportunity is open for only one week. We believe that great work can be done quickly and that too much time hampers progress.

Humility with confidence. No one likes a know-it-all and everyone has sympathy for the idiot, but being in between these two extremes walks a person can educate as well as be educated. We believe in listening more than talking. And when we do speak, it’s from a position of  leadership enlightened by our collective body of knowledge – not just one opinion.

Frugality with class. ‘Less with more’ is a popular phrase in today’s economy, but it doesn’t always have to mean disappointment. We believe that simply approaching a problem from a different angle helps uncover alternatives and what was once a compromise has now turned into an opportunity.

Aggression with ethics. It’s well accepted that anything worth having is worth fighting for, but if you lose your reputation in the process then you’ve lost the battle AND the war. We believe in being persistent, being passionate about our beliefs, as well as conducting ourselves with the highest integrity.