Virtual Assistance Services

Leading Virtual Assistance Company based out of New Jersey

Expectation & Delivery Model

  • Ascendum handles the process from an operations perspective. Ensuring timely delivery of the service, we also provide a "Customer Service Desk" for customers.
  • The service is subscription based and the scope of work is limited to delivery of requests/tasks submitted by the customers in a timely and qualitative fashion.
  • The designing/web development projects are outsourced to another company and Ascendum is responsible for the communication and follow-up and ensuring work is delivered within specified time frame.

Company Details

  • The company is based out of New Jersey, NJ
  • It provides virtual assistant service where the customer can get his requests/ tasks completed by an assigned Dedicated Assistant (DA) online.


  • Handling the operations and support from US would not be cost efficient based on the fee charged for this service.
  • Client was unable to concentrate upon Marketing and other activities that needed his attention.

Reason of Outsourcing & Benefits Delivered

  • Working module compatible per the norms of ISO 9001:2008.
  • Ascendum maintains a pool of multi skilled resources who are able to deliver to customer expectations within a reasonable time frame.
  • Efficiently driving a customer satisfaction score of 90% and above on a daily basis.
  • Huge cost savings.
Virtual Assistance Services