Smart Parking with Sensors

Leader In Urban Mobility – Easier Parking, Increased Commerce

Client: Leading Startup in Urban Mobility


Small Businesses are leveraging Social Media to acquire new customers and build loyalty. They are leveraging tools like Groupon, Yelp and Local Response to enable local discovery. The critical element driving footfall in dense downtown areas is the availability of parking places. If the customer can easily locate the availability of parking in vicinity it improves the chances of doing business with the store. In fact en estimated 30% of motorists driving around in search of a parking space at any one time.

Officials with the IR office identified 14 Key Performance Metrics they wished to monitor to prove the feasibility and effectiveness of a dashboard solution for Business Intelligence delivery to the Executive Board.

Engagement Scope

  • Develop a widget that can be embedded in any website to show the parking spots in the nearby locations.
  • Integrate this will the REAL TIME sensor data to also indicate availability.
  • Make this a cross platform widget that can be easily embedded into a website.
  • Execute this in a matter of weeks to demonstrate speed and execution.

Technology & Methodology

  • Ruby On Rails & MySQL
  • Agile Development

Benefits Delivered

  • Delivered on time and on budget
  • Widget enabled visibility to thousands of small businesses, typing in parking and local commerce
  • Simplicity of design ensured faster adoption
Smart Parking with Sensors

“While working with Ascendum we were able to accelerate new product enhancements and drive new features consistently. They are an extension of our engineering team.”

Engineering Leader,
Leading Startup in Urban Mobility