Mainframe Automation for a Leading Insurance Company

Build, Test and Deploy through Mainframe QA Automation


Our client is a leading insurance company in the Mid-West who has significant investments in FinTech. 

Their key issues:

  • Driving operational and testing efficiency
  • Mainframe testing was done completely manually
  • Aligning the sprint cycle with mainframe dependent functionality

Our Approach

Ascendum was engaged to introduce and implement a mainframe QA automation solution.

So how did we do it? 

  • Wrote a mainframe automation suite in 4 weeks to allow the process to align with the sprints
  • Analyzed the testbed and the existing approach and proposed options to incorporate legacy-capable tools
  • Reviewed multiple technologies to determine a cost-effective approach to improve test coverage and efficiency

Benefits Delivered

  • Our client saved 40% in time and 25% in costs
  • Their modern test automation framework was able to greatly expedite previous manual testing efforts
  • Broader test coverage (80% to 100%) while enabling integration with other technology stacks
Mainframe Automation for a Leading Insurance Company