Mobile Solutions for Retail Industry

Developing Latest Mobile Devices Software For Retail Industry


Our customer is market leader in Germany's retail food sector and is considered to be the thought leaders in developing and deploying innovative mobile solution to retail and transport industry. With the recent fast paced changes in mobile domain wherein both the devices and the internal software underwent a sea of change, our customer was looking for a reliable partner that can help incorporate newer technologies into their next-gen products and solutions.

Engagement Scope

  • Work with customer’s technical, engineering, sales, marketing teams to understand and document requirements.
  • Develop complete software for an Android based handheld device used in retail grocery stores.
  • Develop middleware and API’s that enable our customer’s customers to expand customized applications as per their requirements.


  • Developed complete software suite on Android 4.4 Kitkat Operating System
  • Created Layered Model and Flow Diagrams
  • Integration of customer existing user - experience with newer version of Android and faster hardware
  • Unit testing and Integrated testing of the Source Code


  • Newer and more powerful handheld device with state of the art features meant better operational efficiency at retail stores, leading to better customer loyalty.
  • Newer software enabled customer to better differentiate itself with the rest of the competition.
  • Reduced development lead time and improved time-to-market meant increased profits to our customer.
  • Development time reduced by more than 20% and development costs reduced by more than 30%.
Mobile Solutions for Retail Industry