Medical Billing Services

A Leading Medical Billing Company


  • Our customer is a well-known medical billing organization that wanted to outsource charge entry.
  • The task was to manage patient's charge entry.
  • Our customer was concerned about the quality of services from an offshore center.
  • To ensure a smooth transition to an offshored center with the least amount of disruption to business.
  • To bring down the error rate along with maintaining productivity.
  • To train our team on using software and methodology used by the customer.

Engagement Scope

  • Team at Ascendum replicated customer's onshore process to ensure seamless transition to offshore operations.
  • By the end of 2nd month we were able to process more than 150 files with an error rate below 2%.
  • We also provided the customer with an audit team which audited all charge sheets post processing.


  • The customer was extremely satisfied with our work and decided to increase the volumes.
  • We now process 30000 files per month with an error rate of less than 1%.

Key Differentiators

  • Pricing Structure
  • Security

Technology & Methodology

  • Citrix
  • Image right
  • Smartadvisor

Benefits Delivered

  • Overall cost savings of 40%.
  • Risk sharing.
  • Helps business expansion.
  • Competitive advantage.
Medical Billing Services