Perfect 10 Software Testers

September 29, 2014

As we enter Q4, many departments are pulling out their 2014 budget spreadsheets from last year and looking to see how they can streamline costs and accelerate growth in 2015.  In most cases, the large slice of the budget pie is going to be the resource cost of the associates.  In organizations with a Quality Assurance group, that is very much the case as well.  With that said, what if you could get more from your testing team with the same (or less) head count? This article chronicles a ‘normal’ testing team of ten resources and provides what personality traits to look for in identifying those “A” and “B” testers and retooling you’re testing team with outstanding resources. 

Traditionally, in larger clients where we are brought in to improve the overall Quality Assurance process, we see a mixture of testing resources that span being great (‘A’) to bad (‘D’) at performing their job.  Based upon our research, a typical team of ten testing associates are made up of the following:

Testing Team Breakdown (1)

What we’ve found in our results is that if you can improve your resource pool and get more ‘A’ and ‘B’ testing associates, your costs decrease and your testing effectiveness increases exponentially.  Based upon our experience assisting organizations with retooling these teams, we’ve identified ten core personality traits that these “A” and ‘’B” testers possess.  They include:


Organizations can’t retool their talent overnight but understanding what key attributes make a great testing associate is paramount to building a solid group of “A” and “B” players.  Think about doing more or a better job with the same headcount by upgrading your team as you budget your testing dollar for 2015 and if you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ascendum