Worker Visa Issues Impact Business

Ascendum, March 29, 2013

Many IT professionals are concerned over the government cap on H-1B visas which is expected to close quickly this year. Ascendum has in-house immigration expertise and is well-versed in the challenges of securing foreign resources for your critical IT jobs.

Our expertise enables us to:

  • Act quickly and properly screen each candidate’s eligibility for work authorization before presentation
  • Help avoid sudden empty work stations by placing great emphasis on accurate processing and post-approval monitoring
  • Set honest and realistic timeline expectations for delivery of properly work-authorized foreign resources to our clients

As the Bloomberg article states, there are two competing bills facing Congress right now – one to make the H-1B process tougher, and one to increase the cap. While the ultimate state of the visa cap is in the hands of Congress, we work diligently within the available pool of candidates to help our clients secure the resources they need. Make sure you and your HR team are up to speed on the laws and current immigration practices.

You don’t want to find yourself on the outside looking in when it comes to finding qualified and work-authorized candidates.