Ascendum & Streetline Co-Present at IBM Pulse: Hosting Infrastructure for the IoT

Ascendum, February 14, 2014

Through a series of investments in IBM technology and services (Tivoli Ticketing/Monitoring, Tivoli Storage Manager, and PureFlex), AIMS (Ascendum Infrastructure Management Services) is growing a hosting business based on IBM solutions. Additionally, as part of the IBM MSP program, IBM has supplemented AIMS’ investments with assistance in design and implementation, market development funds, and IBM Global Financing solutions.

This commitment has enabled both new services and new customers in our Hamilton, Ohio data center. The session will include a discussion of one such new customer, Streetline. Streetline, the 2010 IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year, was a growing business that had a hosted infrastructure that did not scale with their success.

AIMS developed a hosted PureFlex solution for Streetline that got their developers out of the infrastructure support business, allowed substantial growth at no additional cost, and saved them over 25% of their monthly costs.