In the warp speed world of technology, it is not enough to simply make data available to those who need it. Customers and employees expect relevant information on demand through personalized, intuitive interfaces that can be accessed from the office, home, and mobile phones - when they need it.

They also demand new features to be rolled out in weeks, not months or years. To make matters even more stressful, corporate management expects IT to do more with less. In some cases, much less. Ascendum has the experience and expertise to help you take on these obstacles.


See It Before You Code It

Ascendum can help design and implement "world class" IT solutions utilizing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) so that you can quickly respond to the constantly changing needs of your (internal and external) customers and build reusable components that deliver required business functionality quickly, accelerating your time to market.

They also demand new features to be rolled out in weeks, not months or years. To make matters even more stressful, corporate management expects IT to do more with less. Sometimes, much less. Ascendum has the experience and expertise to help you take on these obstacles.


Ascendum is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has created a SharePoint Services and MOSS 2007 Center of Excellence (COE). Ascendum develops and delivers RIAs using C#.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server and other .NET technologies.

Expertise Across Multiple Platforms

Ascendum has delivered many J2EE applications to our clients, utilizing JavaServer Faces (JSF), Struts, JSR-168/286 Portlets, and utilizing Open Source technologies from Apache, JBOSS, Sun Microsystems, MySQL and others.

In addition to web development, Ascendum offers traditional client server development for those businesses interested in creating business solutions using Visual Basic, .NET, Java Swing, RPG, and COBOL.

Our experts are comfortable employing the software development lifecycle model best suited to your IT management style - from traditional waterfall and iterative, to the most progressive AGILE methodologies. With the ability to manage technology implementations from beginning to end, we offer nimble engagement at any point in the development cycle. We can seamlessly transition future development, enhancements, hosting and support into our Global Development Center and Service Center environments.


Because Large Organizations Need a Lean Mindset

Ascendum's Software and System Architecture Design team has proven experience in strategic enterprise architecture solutions, web application architectures, integration architectures, infrastructure architectures, as well as SharePoint and Business Process Management (BPM) platform architecture solutions.

Scalability and Flexibility in Mind

Complementing our Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) solution, offered by our Business Transformation team, we work with our client's IT senior management team to assess the business - IT alignment goals and IT strategic roadmaps to design and implement an Enterprise Architecture that encompasses your current and future business application. We provide the scalability, flexibility and extensibility to ensure that your IT systems grow and perform in concert with your corporate vision.

Minimal Applications, Big Picture Results

In the Applications and Platform Solutions Architecture team, we design with a full system perspective to ensure that the Solution Architecture fits within the Enterprise Architecture while achieving specific immediate and forecasted business needs. We strive for integrated solutions that meet multiple business functionality, thereby optimizing re-use and multi-purposing. This minimizes the total number of applications to be maintained within the enterprise, thereby reducing infrastructure and support costs while maximizing security, performance and business functionality.

Ready for SOA? We can help.

For those enterprises that are ready to move a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), our team can plan, design and implement an SOA for your enterprise, based on your particular needs and resources, including plans for SOA governance and implementation of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology as needed.


The Age of Mobile is Here

The mobile phone has become a key business tool and, in some cases, is the cornerstone of communication with colleagues and customers. The development of mobile technologies offers new opportunities to create more sophisticated and value-added mobile services. Ascendum's Mobile Services offering transforms the design, profitability, and cost effectiveness of mobile technology into a superior, workable solution. Whether empowering Sales with mobile CRM, Operations with real-time messaging, mobile Internet, and geospatial data, or providing mobile commerce to your customers, Ascendum delivers.

Ascendum's Mobile Services offering can address these shortfalls:

  • Low or unrealized ROI related to mobile investment
  • Employees and customers want to collaborate in real time
  • Inefficiencies due to growing volumes of mobile voice, data, and multimedia traffic
  • Existing mobile applications are insecure, inefficient, and/or slow
  • Communication between fixed and mobile devices is not transparent
  • Corporate usage policy doesn't accommodate mobile technologies
  • Need to integrate geospatial information into consumable applications

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Keep Lean

Recent advances in mobile technology have made it possible to reduce capital and operational expenditures while deploying applications with greater optimization, manageability, and ease of use. Savings in operational expenses are the result of reduced staff, consolidated management and operation, simplified business processes, and various other factors. Benefits such as disconnected support, enhanced scalability, increased bandwidth optimization, and tremendous efficiency and flexibility in adding incremental services all contribute to the viability of mobile solutions as a market differentiator.

Toolset Excellence

Mobile technology is very diverse in terms of capabilities and technologies, requiring specialized skills to make it happen. Historically, the high cost, slow performance, and wavering platform standards have kept corporate adoption low. Ascendum's consultants have developed rich and responsive applications for use with mobile browsers such as Opera, IE, and Safari. In addition to our experience with Ajax, our familiarity with embedded frameworks like Microsoft's .Net Compact Framework, Google Android and Symbian gets you to market faster with a supportable and portable application. Lowest cost routing algorithms for use in dual/multi-mode devices, connected and disconnected productivity, use of PIM data and GPS information, and work in low memory and power environments highlight a few areas of our expertise.


Making devices smarter and connected

In today’s connected world, we see devices getting more powerful, smarter and connected and they are playing an increasingly important role in redefining the consumer “user experience”. Smartphones, tablets, various consumer electronics devices are changing the way consumers interact with their environment. Devices are doing things that we earlier thought they could never do. They are all pervasive and are transforming the way we lead our personal lives or we conduct our businesses.

All of this is adding new challenges that modern day devices need to tackle. More processing power with ever-shrinking form factors, multi-tasking, newer wireless technologies, higher availability, fail-safe quality and reliability to name a few. Embedded technology is enabling devices to meet these challenges effectively.

Ascendum’s embedded technology solutions are helping its customers develop latest state of the art smart devices. Our cross-industry experience coupled with our skills in delivering embedded software solutions makes us a preferred partner of choice for our discerning customers.

Our competencies

  • Processors: ARM, OMAP 4460, x86, Super H, MIPS, AVR, PIC
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Android, Windows CE, ThreadX, QNX
  • System Software: Firmware, BSP, Kernel OS adaptation, libs & drivers
  • Device Drivers: USB Host, SD/MMC, WiFi, 3G, Sound, Keypad, Touch Screen (Resistive and Capacitive), I2C, I2S, SPDIF, UART, Ethernet, SPI
    Middleware: Bluetooth Protocol Stack
  • Application Software: UI, business logic, Android Application Development, Embedded Automotive Application, Infotainment System
  • Android Based Product Development: Android Porting & Optimization, Fastboot up, Porting Android to different hardware platforms, Media Framework Integration, Power Management Optimization, Integration of Audio, Image and Video Codecs using hardware accelerators, Product Maintenance