Ascendum’s SharePoint practice breaks the mold to provide unique and effective services and delivery methods for the SharePoint and Office 365 platforms. We deliver a well-defined foundation for Microsoft SharePoint architecture, migration, governance, deployment and identify the most appropriate solution to suit your needs.

We have 2 goals.  

  1. We want to make you a hero to your organization.

  2. We want your employees to get the true long term benefits of the SharePoint platform.

We find most organizations spend a lot of money on SharePoint and end up with a result not much better than the file shares they started with. 

Here is the problem with most consulting companies

Their goal is to sign you up for a big project, execute it and move on to the next one. The big expert you met when they were selling the deal isn’t the one that’s going to work your project.

We don’t think most SharePoint work can be treated like a standard development project. A quality intranet is a fluid, dynamic entity that requires ongoing support, constant refinement, and governance to be successful. Bringing in a legion of experts to build it as one big application and then move on doesn’t work.

For more information on our services and approach, email Bill Crider, Director, SharePoint Products and Services at

What do employees want?

  1. Quick, reliable access to relevant information that is often buried in digital haystacks.
  2. Access on any device. Anywhere. All the time.
  3. Applications and work processes that save them time and reduce repetitive, manual effort.
  4. Skills to use the new tools and support when needed.

How do we provide it?

  1. Experience helping you build your SharePoint sites the right way to get maximum value
  2. Administration skills to keep the service running smoothly
  3. Ongoing training, onshore helpdesk and other efforts to ensure user adoption
  4. Rapid development of applications to support specific organization work and process

Here is how we provide it.

  1. For developing SharePoint intranets and portals, our delivery and billing method is a managed monthly service. This give you access to an entire team with a full range of skill sets at all times. The rate is flexible, adjustable and dependent on your needs and timeline.
  2. For specific applications and migrations, we can engage in a more traditional project model where this is more appropriate.

MPG Service

Get more mileage out of your SharePoint investment

Our managed service model for creating and SUSTAINING powerful intranets, extranets and portals on both Office 365 and SharePoint. MPG stands for the 3 services you need for a GREAT intranet

  1. Maintenance and Monitoring – Keep the engine running smoothly
  2. Provisioning Content – organizing your companies’ intellectual capital in useful ways and building value add applications.
  3. Governance – Ongoing support, training, and adherence to policies.

A team of experts at your disposal for less than the cost of 1 FTE.  




These tools help us to provide extra value and reduce costs.

  1. Documentation and reporting on all aspects of your portal
  2. Visual Search connector to improve the enterprise search experience.
  3. Business Process Management tools for creating workflows on the fly
  4. Migration and management tool for moving content into SharePoint quickly.
  5. Our custom project management and ticketing extranet.


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For projects requiring custom development, we can provide a more traditional approach where this is appropriate. This includes requirements gathering, project management, development and architecture and QA resources.


Moving to Office 365 or Azure? Ascendum’s own internal portals and infrastructure relies on Office 365 and Azure services. We are experts at getting you into the cloud and we partner with Microsoft to provide access to technical expertise and in some cases, funds for your project.

Many cloud based projects qualify for Microsoft financial support. Call us and see if you may qualify!