Mainframe Automation for a Leading Insurance Company

Build, Test and Deploy through Mainframe QA Automation


Our client is a leading insurance company in the Mid-West. A key issue they were facing was aligning the sprint cycle with mainframe dependent functionality (and it was a lot of it). The teams were not able to keep up as the mainframe testing was all manual.

Ascendum was engaged to introduce and implement a mainframe QA automation solution.

Our Approach

We wrote a Mainframe Automation suite in 4 weeks to allow the process to align with the Sprints. We automated the entire mainframe function in the Annuity Business Unit over the next 90 days.

As a result, all transaction based use cases were automated and this enabled the sprints to include the Mainframe testing.

Benefits Delivered

Ascendum's efforts created a savingĀ of at least 40% in time and a reduction of 25% in costs and many smiling faces in the testing teams!

Mainframe Automation for a Leading Insurance Company